The festival start

Oh God the Poor Poor Cheese

Upon arrival Artemis signed up for the fencing tournament and tried to have a convo with his opponent. he was then super sketch and was unable to meet him. He then won the fight and is eager to participate in the next bout.

Jordrak was confused initially about the festival but easily drank someone under the table at the dinking contest, so much so that that person may or may not be dead. High on his victory Jordrak tried for the cheese race to win a ludicrous amount of grass burned cheese. After he impaled a man’s hand with a javelin he proceeded to explode the cheese into thousands of pieces in an attempt to reposition said cheese.

Perseus was cheap and decided to sleep outside as it was free. after being sketch about literally everything he stole a lockbox and a lot of money for some people and threatened to kill a kid. although he did gave the kid money he is still an ass.


austin_dupre1995 jenks13

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