Court of Wands


The Court of Wands focuses primarily on magic. It most notably houses The Fountain which is credited as the source of all magic by the “civilized” races. This is the second smallest of the four courts in land area. Even with the relatively small area, much of this is expansive desert. The court relies on it’s understanding and power over magic to procure both it’s survival in the world and protection in the alliance.
The King of Wands, Rahd and his wife, Queen Grandeen reside in the capital city of Dahaga.


Cities present in The Court of Wands:

Averanthian: A colossal city of sandstone that seems almost maze-like.

Dahaga: The capital of the Court of Wands.

Everwand: A trading hub within the Court of Wands.

Iram: The City of Dreams, also known as the City of Pillars.

Magehold: The secret city that houses the wizard college.

Rogarth: The town of Rogarth lies on the sandy coast of the Court of Wands.

Selene: A farming community built upon an oasis in the middle of the desert.

Additionally, the Court of Wands has granted some of their land in order to host the capital of the Four Court alliance in the City of Brass.

Court of Wands

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