The City of Dreams – The City of Pillars

Isolated in the desert of the Court of Wands, Iram’s white marble pillars stand in stark contrast with the yellow sands surrounding it. One always arrives in Iram as a stranger but always leaves a piece of themselves behind. The mages of Iram are adept in the arts of divination and illusion. The city has most recently been made famous by creations of one of their most well known families, the Morningdrifters – the much respected Temple of Dreams and the widely feared House of Petals, which now lays in ruin.


Merchants in the city of Iram prefer to deal in luxurious goods such as silks, fine teas, and coffee. However, Iram is perhaps most famous for it’s wide selection of fine wines and potent incense.

The market has recently dried up as the merchants have primarily moved underground in order to avoid the suspicious activities of the wizards who reside here. The House of Petals has played an especially large role in scaring away the merchants.


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